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My Spirit Guides and Angels

by Phylameana lila Desy

Native American Running Elk

"Running Elk" is my Native American guide. She is truly a guide, serving as my "Visual Sense" or "Third Eye" opening. She helps me cross over into other dimensions. You might say she is my interpreter in a foreign land. She first appeared to me as a young Indian girl (approx. 16-18 yrs of age) in braids wearing a dress made of animal hide. She was carrying a basket full of "healing herbs." Checking with the Akashic Records, I discovered we had spent an Indian life together. She chose to appear to me as she looked at that time. I was an aging medicine man who lived in a tipi on the outskirts of the camp during my remaining days, it was Running Elk who brought me food, water, and she tenderly cared for me until my death.

Spirit Paulbe

"Paulbe" became a very important part of my life several years ago. When I asked him to give me his name, he showed me the image of the Paul Bunyan storybook character...this made me laugh out loud because of his small stature. I called him "Paulbe" (Paul B.) after that. We had a very close relationship for a very longtime. He told me that he had been with me since birth. Last summer, Paulbe transitioned out of my life. I believe he was considering "incarnating" once again to the Earth Plane, but I have not been given definite information in his regard. I went through a grieving period when he left me, but am now stronger. I hold on to our past association as fond memory.

Guardian Angel Rachael

Rachael is my "Guardian Angel." She has been with me since birth, and will remain with me throughout this lifetime. She carries the blended vibrations of Aquarius and Gemini astrological signs, which means she is a real hoot! Her first appearance to me showed her chomping on a big wad of chewing gum. Her hair is a flaming orange-red color and is in constant disarray. She wears dangly earrings (her favorites are "earth globes"), her toenails are always beautifully manicured and normally painted in bright orange enamel. Orange is her favorite color BTW. She is always trying to bring Orange into my life. Orange is also the color of the 2nd or Sexual Chakra. In essence she is my "creative nature." She is quite fearless! I have not seen her "wings" as yet. She assures me she has them. "I keep forgetting to pick them up from the cleaners" so she says.

Rohene, Collective of Healing Helpers

"Rohene" is actually a "collective energy" that became available to me when I began doing Reiki Healings and Chakra Cleansings. Depending on the circumstances in each healing session that I become involved in, one or more present themselves to help in the process.

Excerpts from My Journal

Paulbe's First Appearance & My First Visit to the Akashic Library Entrance

Opening Meditation:

Quieting my center, I relax my physical being through a learned breathing technique. As I allow my eyes to close slowly, I begin to take several deep intakes of breath followed by slow deliberate exhales. A feeling of heaviness and numbness beginning at my toes graduates its way up to my throat. My head feels as if it is swaying upon a seemingly lifeless form, as if there has been a separation of the two. I am no longer my body. This sensation is odd, I must say it is "uplifting" in a strange sort of way.

My meditation leads me to a colorful visual awareness. A feeling of contentment and warmth overcomes me, as I discover myself seated on an old fashioned yard glider. Allowing my third-eye to open wider and become slightly less blurred, my visual experience expands further. I find my sights focusing outward past a grassy green clearing to a simple wooden walking bridge arched over small pond. Feeling myself being gently pulled out of the comfortable glider I now find myself standing upon this bridge. I lower my body and lay stretched out belly side down upon it. Dangling my arm loosely through the wooden slats I allow my fingers to linger in the cool reflecting waters. Several alluring multi-colored goldfish are swimming in the blue-green waters. They are moving so slowly it conveys a breathless stillness beneath me. As I view the scenic area across the waters, my eyes blink twice in delight as I realize there is a beautiful black swan floating on the pond among the waterlilies. Again, I find myself in motion, walking forward over the bridge to a large boulder on the opposite side.

Pausing to rest, I lean against some rocks that form a private alcove. Sensing a presence, I wonder who is near just as I feel a warm breath upon the back of my neck. Turning my head slightly to the right I see the form of a man sitting beside me. He reaches out to me and caresses my hand. He is a small-framed man with a dark beard and mustache, dressed in comfortable cotton clothing, a wrinkled white shirt and white pants. Upon his feet are a pair of well worn leather sandals. His skin is translucent, his hair dark brown and shoulder length. His eyes, deeper blue than any ocean, penetrates my essence.

This familiar stranger, gently takes my hand. I have no fear as he leads me back across my bridge. Discovering an obviously well traveled pathway along the pond I had not seen before, we walk together hand-in-hand along this path. Being here with this man makes me feels so very safe and warm. Walking past the pond, leaving the magnificent black swan floating in the distance we enter a meadow filled with wild flowers in dazzling display. Yards of white daisies with butter bellies and purple cone flowers... brilliant orange butterfly weed budding amidst the tall grasses. A lioness approaches and I instinctively reach out and greet her. A booming laughter escapes my companion's mouth as I give this enormous cat a full body hug. The big cat walks a short distance away from us stretching out lazily, napping in the sunlight. The man rolls out a rattan mat among nature's glorious plants, crawl bugs, and butterflies. Together side-by-side, hand-in-hand, for what seems like hours, we look up into the skies. I eventually become aware of my hands resting in my lap, and I promptly awaken from meditation. Wow... that was great, what a burst of energy, what a beautiful day it is. Yes!

That was my first introduction to Paulbe. For the next several days and for a continued time I anticipated my meditation periods. I wanted to find out more information concerning this man. Who was he and what knowledge will he reveal to me? Each day it becomes easier and easier for me to slip into my meditative state. I continued to return to my special place hoping to find him there. I would spend a few minutes each day in mediation, but it was several days before Paulbe puts in a second appearance. I learned patience during these sessions and come to accept my quiet time alone there. I eventually expanded my visualizations to include a small garden that was tended to an unworldly perfection. I would sit upon a stone bench that I conveniently mentally placed there. Early each morning I would visit my quiet ever-expanding space.

More Meditations:

This morning I find myself running through the meadow, the sun warming my face. Glancing down from the glowing sunlight I discover I have come to the meadows edge. Ducking quickly into the wooded area, the trees offer me a shady respite from the heat of the day. As I'm walking along a rocky pathway a babbling brook manifests itself. I breathe in the smells and absorb the sounds of this mountainous area. How grand it all is! Familiar footsteps on the walkway lure me upward along the path. In anticipation, I hasten my footsteps and sorrily snag my ankle along the trail on a wayward limb. Stopping to catch my breath, I lean against a fallen tree, rubbing my sore leg.

Looking downward at the distance I have traveled I am amazed at how far I have come. Nonetheless, I feel determined to climb to the top of the mountain this day. Stiffening my jaw, I gather up a deep breath from my lower chakras, and look upwards. Happiness overcomes me as I see my friend, the white-clad man appearing from around the upcoming bend in the path. He jaunts down to join me. We smile at one another. Putting his arm about my shoulders, he lures me forward with a gentle tug. His touch re-energizes me and I discover myself being uplifted and actually floating up to the top of the mountain with ease. Standing arm-in-arm at the top of the mountain together we view my private world below... the beautiful stretching meadow, the small flower garden, the arched bridge over the gleaming pond.

Squinting, I try to locate the black swan and her lioness friend. Full of questions, I turn to this man, searching for his responses within his intriguing blue eyes. Here are his words to me.

A blanket of warm emotion rushed over me as I comprehended such truth. Turning from the strange man's probing face, I stare confidently outward and upward toward the skies. A widening streak of light the color of orange fire hurls a beaming walkway into the atmosphere. Stepping onto the burning bright orange-colored passage we journey together toward an oval object. A door opens and we slide our bodies gently into the egg-shaped form much like we would seat ourselves into a booth at a restaurant. A small revolving disk the diameter of a large dinner plate protrudes from a metal shaft bolted to the center of the chamber floor. The man straddles this disk which serves as a steering instrument for this unearthly vehicle and commands a direction. The forest green and violet decor emits a feeling of restfulness. There is a feeling of safety being enclosed in this small compartment. A goblet miraculously appears in the cupping of my hand. Bringing the fruity flavored liquid to my lips, it is seemingly refreshing and delicious.

The man mentally talks to me about himself. He instructs me as to the nature of his visits. He is one of my guides, his name is Paulbe. Your communications with your Native American guide, "Running Elk," has opened the passage way for me to be able to appear to you now. My purpose is as comforter and protector of you, Phylameana. I will continue to be with you, for as long as you need me. I am willing to help you in any way I can on your spiritual journey, although I do have my limitations. At the temple you will be able to ask any questions you would like. I will continue to be available in this visual form to aid you in your development any time you request.

The egg's door opens and we are gently ejected from the vehicle. This wondrous egg floats away escaping from my view. Stretching my arms upward and outward I am in awe as I look at the looming grand building of myriad dimensions before me. White and gray marble steps lead to towering double doors of inlaid gold and sparking gemstones. My wondrous world fades while a faint numbing feeling lessens over my body. Audibly I hear Paulbe saying "Sing, Phylameana, Sing!"

Opening my eyes, I come into physical awareness. I am wide awake and back in my body.

About the image: Spirit painting by Selene of my animal totems and "Running Elk"

Spirit Painting by Artist "Selene"

AKA Linda Meyer - Fort Madison, Iowa