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Breast Cancer Awareness

breast cancer awareness

By Phylameana lila Desy

With the help of scientific research by educated energy workers and health care providers, we are awakening to the realization that many physical illnesses and pains are the results our bodies reacting to our emotional imbalances. The best course of action we can take is to begin treating these imbalances before the physical manifestation of the resulting dis-eases. However, many people tend to ignore the symptoms of imbalances as we are not accustomed to paying attention to subtle energies. And often it isn't until we manifest dis-eases ourselves or become involved in the care of diseased loved ones that we become aware that these signs of imbalance were indeed there early on.

Breast Cancer Prevention

Prevention steps to deter diseases from manifesting can definitely be taken by starting to notice how we feel and making positive changes in how we live our lives. Sensitive types of individuals who notice imbalances may seek medical care only to discover that medical testing is not sophisticated enough to recognize energy imbalances. When this happens, we may shrug off our concerns prematurely.

Don't be so ready to ignore your feelings. Take heart! Although mainstream physical tests may indicate there is not a problem you can always seek out a healer trained in recognizing problems in your energy field to begin the process of returning to optimal well-being.

Returning to wellness once a disease such as breast cancer has manifested into the physical is more difficult to accomplish but not impossible. The combined challenge is to return our weakened energies to a state of wholeness as well as treating the physical disturbances.

The Heart of Breast Cancer - Healer Heart Quotes on Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer is one of the physical dysfunctions associated with the heart chakra. Barbara Brennan states in her book Hands of Light: A Guide to Understanding Human Energy Fields that a torn chakra indicates cancer.

A torn chakra...has appeared in every cancer patient I have ever seen... A chakra can be torn, and the cancer will not appear in the body for two or more years later....

Issues concerning love and nurturing affect the health of a woman's breasts. In an energy analysis of a patient with breast cancer in women, medical intuitive, Caroline Myss wrote:

For some women, cancer develops in response to an inability to nurture, which results in guilt feelings and self-hate. Others experience fear and identity crises as a result of not accepting the natural closure of the cycle of motherhood when children leave the home.

Norman Shealy M.D., expert in pain management, states in Chapter 6 of The Creation of Health: The Popular Way to Die: Heart Disease, Stroke and Cancer:

Low levels of fiber and high levels of sugar and fat are associated with increased cancer of the colon and breast, diabetes, gall stones, appendicitis, high blood pressure, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, diverticulosis and adrenaline production.

Christian Northrup, M.D., a visionary of mind-body wellness and cofounder of a the Women to Women Health Care Center writes:

"Energy dysfunction often arise when a woman is confused about how to use both her loving (fourth chakra) and her creative (second chakra) energies optimally. The major conflict within women is that most of us still believe that in order to be loved, to receive love, and to guarantee that someone will need us, we must care for loved ones' external physical needs.

Cancer survivor, author, and one of the founders of the self-help movement, Louise L. Hay is well known for her healing affirmations. Hay on the breasts:

The breasts represent the mothering principle. When there are problems with the breasts, it usually means we are 'over mothering' either a person, a place, or a thing, or an experience.... If cancer is involved, then there is also deep resentment.


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