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Tattered and Torn Blue Jeans

I don't have a collector mentality, having things don't make me happy. Well, let me clarify that statement. Sure, I like having things. It's fun to buy new things, surround myself with beautiful decor, and wear clothing that makes me feel good. However, having closets full of clothing and a house packed with trinkets does not make me necessarily happy.

For several years now I have used a simple rule that has helped me from accumulating junk and useless materials: One item in, one item out. I cannot simply buy a new pair of shoes on a whim unless I am willing to part ways with another pair that I already own.

This system really works well for me. Also, when we cling to things the Universe often views us as content with the status quo. New things have a difficult time finding their way into our lives when there is so much blocking the pathways. I have a true story to share about my son from when he was in college that demonstrates this idea very well.

While visiting my then college-aged son he told me that he really needed a new pair of blue jeans. He only had two pairs of jeans to his name. One was a decent enough pair, but the second pair had many tears it them and he felt embarrassed whenever he wore them. I then asked him why he continued to wear them if they truly embarrassed him. He gave me a non-verbal response--a shrug to his shoulders. I then explained to him that whenever he wore those torn jeans that he was signaling to the Universe that he was "okay" with wearing them--relaying the message that he didn't really need another pair. I suggested he get rid of them and that the Universe would somehow supply him with another pair that suited his needs better. He then "winked" at me.

About a week later he phoned me to tell me that he had tossed out that raggedy pair of blue jeans. Then, he went on to tell me that a couple of days afterwards when he was returning to his apartment after attending one of his classes that he found a pair of jeans laying in the front yard. This pair of jeans were almost new, freshly laundered, and also a perfect fit!

As it turned out, he lived two blocks from a laundromat and other students often walked past his apartment toting their laundry bags. Obviously, someone accidentally dropped a pair of jeans from their pile of clean clothing on their walk back from the laundromat. Although, I don't think it was really an accident. The Universe must have felt that my son had a greater need for those jeans than whoever had lost them.

My son then went on to tell me that when I had suggested that he toss out his old jeans that he had assumed that I would buy him a new pair to replace them. Well, we both had a good laugh about that.

Anyway, he learned a very important lesson about Universal Law that day. He lives a simple life with simple needs-- his closets are much more sparse than mine, and he's okay with that. All his needs are met.

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