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Body Sweep

About the Body Sweep Process

Stagnant energies that have accumulated over your lifetime and carried in from past lifetimes clog up the chakra system. Your chakras are your direct communication line (telephone wire) to your knowing center, higher self, God, or guides & angels or whatever source your belief system resonates with your being. The Body Sweep is an interactive session that delves deep into the central communication centers of your body, pulling out blockages and muck. As images and memories come to the surface they are scooted out of your field. This process enables you to have a closer and clearer relationship with your intuitive nature by dumping baggage that you have accumulated through birth trauma, childhood, relationships, past lives, etc. Opening up the communication center in your body clears the pathway to connecting to your highest level of awareness. Sessions are done energetically either in person or over the telephone.
Approx. 20-30 Min.
Session Fee: $45.00

Schedule Your Body Sweep Session

To schedule a telephone session for your Body Sweep make payment via PayPal. After your payment has been processed Phylameana lila D├ęsy will contact you via email to arrange a convenient time for you to phone in for your Body Sweep.

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